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Project32 is a student-run group that works with dentists, charity organizations, mission trips, and homeless shelters to eradicate dental disease. Project32’s impact extends beyond providing products; the positive effects of dental health education reverberate through communities, ensuring a better, healthier future for all!
Why Oral Health is a necessity?

Dental health is an incredibly important indicator of current and future health.  Poor oral health has been linked not only to the development of infections such as periodontitis in the mouth, but also to life-threatening diseases such as endocarditis.

Edentulousness, the extensive or complete loss of teeth, can lead to difficulty eating and therefore can impact nutrition and quality of life. Additionally, oral bacteria are often associated with infections of the brain, heart, and other organs. Periodontal disease may even be associated with gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancers.

Healthy mouths provide natural safeguards against these conditions. Without dental products, however, the hygienic habits that make for healthy mouths are impossible for children to implement.

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