Partnership with Medical Teams International

Hi everyone!

Long time no see! We apologize for the delay in posting; we’ve been doing lots of behind-the-scenes work including adding lots of new team members! I’m excited to announce that our student leadership team has expanded to six student leaders. Check them out here! We’re also actively looking for new teenage and college-age volunteers for leadership roles. If you (or anyone you know!) are interested, please email me at

In other news, we’ve recently developed a new partnership with Medical Teams International, a global nonprofit organization that does amazing work. Since 2018, Project32 is an official supplier of Medical Teams’ mobile dental clinics, which serve thousands of underserved individuals each year in Oregon and Washington.

As always, we appreciate your support. If you’re interested in donating, please contact Dawit Dean (, our new Director of Engagement, and/or email

Onwards and upwards!


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