New Project32 Work in Haiti!

Hello Project32 Readers!

We have been hard at work over the past several months on developing the infrastructure to increase our impact even further, and we are so excited to share one aspect of that work with you today! This weekend, I (Avi) had the pleasure of finally meeting Rosedanie Cadet, the Founder and Director of Helping Hands Noramise (HHN), a charity that works to “Empower the Haitian People in Developing and Sustaining Intentional Local Industries”. Project32 has previously partnered with HHN to send much-needed dental hygiene supplies to Haitian villages. You can read more about those efforts here and here.

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Haitian youth with Project32 dental kits

Despite our extensive collaboration, Rosedanie and I had never met face-to-face, since she is based in Haiti and Washington State while I live in Portland. Our first in-person conversation this weekend was both enlightening and inspiring, and I greatly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about Haiti, its history, and Rosedanie’s work (through HHN) to improve the lives of those in her home country. We are excited to continue to support the vital cause of oral health among Haitian youth with the donation of more dental hygiene kits, with HHN’s support.

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Rosedanie Cadet, Founder and Director of Helping Hands Noramise (left) with Avi Gupta, Founder and Executive Director of Project32 (right) at Powell’s Books in Portland

If you know of any other trips or organizations working with youth worldwide, please don’t hesitate to contact us! I can be reached at

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