Website Redesign and Program Announcements

My name is Jimmy Maslen, and I am a Student Volunteer here at  Project32 team. This school year, our team consists of a group passionate and talented students, all of whom are eager to help end dental disease. Project32 is also making a significant effort to expand and reach out to our community. This year we have added a plethora of new student volunteers. In particular, I would like to announce and welcome Peter Ye (freshman), Ethan Rosenfeld (freshman), Eli Foster (freshman), Adrian Long (freshman), Mike Hart (freshman), and myself (junior).

To learn about our new members, I highly encourage readers to check out our brand new website, at Information, news, and much more about Project32 can be found here. Moreover, inspiring volunteer-written blog posts can be found on the website such as Peter Ye and Mike Hart’s The Oral Health Crisis in the United States. If you have any suggestions about this new website, we would greatly appreciate your feedback! Please email your comments to Avi, our Executive Director, at

Another exciting announcement is our new chapters program, projected to launch in fall 2019. Designed to expand the reach and impact of Project32, the chapters program will allow students across the globe to create their own subgroups of Project32, helping spread dental health awareness and supplies throughout their communities. Resources as well as connections with local dentists will be supplied to these organizations, and involved students will even be given the opportunity to join trips helping underprivileged communities. There will be much more to come of this in the near future.

Lastly, we are currently in the process of becoming 501(c)(3) non profit organization, however we lack the legal expertise. If anyone with experience or knowledge of doing this would be interested in helping, please contact

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