Project32 on the Air: KBOO 90.7!

Hey Guys!

Today Avi and I had a wonderful experience at KBOO 90.7, a volunteer-powered community radio station in Portland, Oregon. Armando Gonzalez, volunteer host of the hit bilingual (Spanish and English) program Armando Puentes invited us to his radio broadcast to spread our message. Over the course of about an hour on Sunday afternoon, we spoke with Armando about Project32 as an organization and shared stories of how Project32 began and what we’ve done since. We also heavily emphasized the importance of dental care, highlighting the positive impacts it has on youth’s families, confidence and school attendance.

We hope that by speaking with Armando on KBOO 90.7 we have raised more awareness about dental care and more exposure for Project32 to reach more communities throughout Oregon.

I felt that our discussion with Armando was very productive and we hope that in the future we’ll be able to visit KBOO 90.7 once again! We will post a link to a recording of the broadcast soon. We have also been invited to appear on a Spanish-language radio show based out of Woodburn, OR (about 30 miles south of Portland) in a couple weeks, where we hope to continue our mission raise awareness of the importance of dental hygiene.

Until next time,

Dawit Dean

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