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In 2016, Avi Gupta, the founder of Project32, traveled to a state-run orphanage named Ashiana Children’s Home in Panchkula, India. Ashiana provides housing for orphans and vocational training for poor children. His mission was to give the children of the orphanage dental kits and knowledge so they could begin good dental practice within their community. With the help of generous dentists in his home city of Portland, Oregon, Avi gathered 500 dental kits and distributed them to orphans at Ashiana. Upon his return, Avi realized the importance of this mission, and decided to build his individual efforts into a sustainable organization: Project32.

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Another example of the potency of Project32’s mission occurred in the village of Chajul, Guatemala. On a school trip, Avi and a classmate were teaching a young child at a school in Chajul how to brush his teeth. As soon as they finished teaching, the young student immediately ran off. When the student returned, he exclaimed that he had left to teach his mother how to brush her teeth.

Today, Project32 is a student-run group that works with dentists, charity organizations, mission trips, and homeless shelters to eradicate dental disease. Project32’s impact extends beyond simply providing products; the positive effects of health education reverberate through communities, ensuring a better, healthier future for all involved.

How it all started ?
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